Restaurant Brands

Identifying winning NPD opportunities to ensure Restaurant Brands stay at the forefront of the QSR game


The fast food industry is incredibly competitive with brands innovating with new products regularly. The need for brands to grab the attention of consumers whilst also delivering consistency, is therefore paramount. Over the last 15 years we have worked with Restaurant Brands to trial new products, including pizza, KFC chicken and roast chicken innovations. The challenge is always deciphering which new product is most likely to generate interest and bring customers back through the doors.


We have developed a specific approach to explore new products, rigorously test them and deliver strategic direction – CHEW. It is a methodology that melds together robust quantitative numbers as well as incorporating deeper qualitative insights. Having created benchmarks over the years, we are confident identifying which products are likely to be successful, as well as understanding from a consumer’s perspective why this is the case.


A significant number of new products that we have trialed with consumers have been successfully launched into the market. Not only did the team have business confidence in which product was likely to generate sales and increase market share, but they also had guidance on how best to position their NPD to maximise reach and saliency.

We’ve devised and executed numerous inhouse sensory projects for Restaurant Brands, using the Big Picture CHEW methodology which melds together robust quantitative numbers with deeper qualitative insights.  Themes have include Gourmet Pizzas, Chicken and Rice and Roast Chicken.